HerbResearch offers solutions to questions related to herbs and natural compounds used in drugs, cosmetics and food. Our clients are from the pharmaceutical, cosmetics and food industry, from universitarian and privately owned research institutes, as well as administrative bodies and NGO’s and associations.

The main emphasis of our field work is the obtention of the best possible quality of herbal raw materials through selection of high performance cultivars and chemotypes, and through international plant cultivation projects. In the area of administration and research we deal with aspects of pharmacology, toxicology and pharmacovigilance, clinical research and regulatory affairs.

We focus on the creation of international marketing authorisation dossiers in CTD format as well as on dossiers for Health Claim Applications for food supplements. We transform study raw data (clinical and pharmacological) into study reports and original papers, we assess cases of adverse events and compile review articles, we do literature searches and create evaluations of the scientific database for the evaluation of new products ideas or in legal matters.

Our main emphasis is on natural compounds, especially on medicinal plants, but also on micronutrients. The partnership with Medicinal and Aromatic Plants R&D clears the path for the selection and cultivation of medicinal and aromatic plants, and to solutions for problems with the traceability of herbal raw material used in drugs, food and cosmetics. We respect the requirements defined in the guídelines of the WHO and the European Union regarding the traceability of herbal food constituents.

HerbResearch offers you the rare combination of scientific competence, market knowledge, mastering of several foreign languages, international contacts, and experience in scientific writing.

As an external scientific-medicinal service HerbResearch takes a key position between research & development, production and purchasing, scientific department, marketing, legal department and regulatory affairs.

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