HerbResearch may assist at all stages of clinical and pharmacological research.

  • Compilation of study reports of clinical trials and observational studies
  • Transformation of study reports and statistical reports into original publications
  • Creation of publication manuscripts (English/German/French) and support in the publication process
  • Evaluation of new studies on (in-)efficacy and adverse events with herbal medicines, and scientific-journalistic support (e.g. counter-expertises)


HerbResearch is involved in the organisation of a number of toxicological and pharmacological studies, beginning with the planning and mediation down to the evaluation and publication.
We also offer literature research and expertise in questions related to toxicology, safety and pharmacology of herbal preparations. We also work on the differentiation of pharmacological versus physiological effects of food supplements, and on expertises on the toxicity of herbal substances.


An important part of our work on topics of pharmacovigilance is the compilation of Periodic Safety Update Reports (PSUR) in drug registration, including literature searches and the organisation of the original papers.
We have ample experience in the evaluation of case reports of adverse events and adverse drug reactions (AE/ADR). For a number of medicinal plants we already created detailed analyses of case data of adverse events related to drug safety protocols.

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